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Meet Harley

 Spokescat for Team TNR

Heathergems Jewellery 

Handcrafted in Scotland

A fun shop offering unique Christmas Gifts 

and something special for everyone.

 Local handcrafts, jewellery, crystals & prisms. 

We even sell RAINBOWS!

(TNR: trap/neuter/return), a non-

profit charity. Since 2006, 1,600 

feral or stray cats have been 

spay/neutered, given shelter and 

food. No donation is too small, tax 

receipts given for $20 or more.


223 St. George, Annapolis Royal   532-0772


TNR DONATION LOCATION - Thanks for caring!

Made from stems of heather

Nova Scotia Fisherman 

Skin Products

All Natural made from sea kelp 

Certified 100% organic